Cathay Pacific Airways

"We strive to gain a better understanding of our customers on a daily basis. It's not just about experience feedback. We want to go beyond the obvious and tap into the hidden motivations of human behaviour. Cathay Pacific is more than an airline for a lot of people. For many, it is a brand that they've grown up with and have a real personal connection to. The responsibility is on us to continue to strengthen that connection by using data and empathising with our customers to improve the experience. All this work starts with the Cathay Lab community and we look forward to building that connection with all of you."

— Walter Li, Head of Insights, Cathay Pacific Airways

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Asia Miles

Asia miles members voice

"Our Community is a great tool to understand our members more effectively. We do a lot of activities to understand peoples behaviour and habits, to get a members perspective to give inputs into our business decision making. The online community gives you the ability to use different tools. It also opens up something new where people throw out ideas - giving you inspiration on what the members really want."

— May May Wong, Customer Experience Strategist


Mandarin Oriental

"Mandarin Oriental Viewpoints provides invaluable guest insights and has helped us to develop customer-driven marketing strategies"

— Michael Hobson, Chief Marketing Officer



My mobi life

"We started the first market research project with abnimpact two years ago. Now we treat them as our marketing partner rather than market researchers. Their profound research knowledge, creative mindset, pragmatic work style, fast and insightful response to clients' concerns have widely gained the trust and recognition of stakeholders across the organization."

— Kennis Chun, General Manager, Market and Customer Intelligence CSL



"We work very closely with abnimpact using a range of techniques that have helped us get insights on consumer and develop ideas that are now available in the market. abnmpact's ability to understand consumer needs and make recommendations on how communications can be developed to connect better was essential in the creation of our TVCs"

— Brenda Li, Head of Market Intelligence, Emerging Markets



"The Community is not merely a window to reach out to people, but an exciting means for our brand to engage customers. It is quick, effective, versatile and flexible. The team from ABN Indonesia operate like our extended team. Their commitment and devotion is truly commendable."

— Jodie Wang, Head of Consumer & Marketing Insights, Midea


Prudential Hong Kong Limited

Pru for you online community

"With our fully intermediated business model, the challenges to truly stay in touch with customer needs are even more pronounced. abnimpact has allowed us to lead our category in terms of customer insight and research through our new 'PRU For You' insights community. This is a first of its kind for the Hong Kong life insurance industry and has given us a real edge by enabling us to integrate our customers' perspectives and priorities throughout our business, be it developing new products, building marketing campaigns or enhancing customer experience."

— Anthony Shaw, Chief Officer, Marketing & Customer Service, Prudential Hong Kong Limited

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"The single biggest driver of success in the insurance industry is the ability of the company to understand their customers"

— Rahul Hora, President and CEO, AXA Philippines

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AIA Singapore

"ABN Impact plays an integral role in helping AIA Singapore to deepen our engagement with our customers as well as gain quality insights to their evolving needs. These insights have enabled AIA Singapore to launch revolutionary segment-targeted solutions that are aligned with our customer's real needs – From empowering our AIA Financial Services Consultants / Insurance Representations with a comprehensive suite of products and tools to providing our customers with high-quality financial advice, that meets the unmet needs of our customers that truly matters."

— Ho Lee Yen, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, AIA Singapore

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Standard Chartered

"The ABN Impact team bring the right blend of creativity and professionalism to the table. In every engagement, they've shown a dedication to understand our business problem and custom designed the solution to deliver the insights we need."

— David Brown, Head, Retail Research & Insights



"Since its launch, the BeautyForAll community has helped to inspire us in many ways. ABN Impact has proven to be a trusted partner through the process as we look to deliver on our goal to be a truly consumer centric organisation."

— Vicki Shum, CMI Director



"ABN Impact deployed a wide ranging program including product experience blogs and forums, ideation workshops, insight documentaries, concept and ad development qualitative that helped Pond's Men engineer a successful launch in multiple markets."

— Francis Ramos, Unilever CMI