Community & Fellowship - ABN/VC Insight Talks Hong Kong, November 2

Community & Fellowship - ABN/VC Insight Talks Hong Kong, November 2

By Joe Wheller · 6 November 2018 · 2 minute read

From Beauty to Finance, from Telco to Yoga, over 50 cross-sector insight and marketing professionals gathered together at WeWork Wanchai to join the Insight Talks run by ABN Impact and Vision Critical for a morning of learning and workshops.

Looking for impact?
We heard Mark Alverez, MD of ABN Impact Philippines, describe how AXA Philippines’ award-winning customer community helped drive 161% growth in share of wallet. We watched a video message from Rahul Hora, CEO of AXA Philippines, indicating that it is this customer focus that is keeping them ahead of 50 general insurance competitors and 20 life insurers.

Looking to share insight and innovate?
We heard from Peter Harris and Alvyn Cheang about the brilliant new Stakeholder Hub on the Vision Critical platform that enables you to share insights across your organisation. Stakeholders can have easy access to critical insight right when they need it. We also heard how the platform has evolved to integrate with Salesforce and other leading innovative insight tools from companies like CrowdEmotion and LivingLens.

Looking to learn?
Lastly, one the great outcomes of the session was how so many participants expressed how happy they were to be able to share their community experiences with their peers and even competitors; it was a real ‘fellowship’ of researchers. We were able to exchange views and experiences on the ‘skills of the future researcher’, ‘getting to agile insight’, ‘going beyond longitudinal metrics like NPS’, and ‘how to deliver rapid ROI’.

Thanks very much to everyone who took part. If you would like to be alerted to our next session, please e-mail