Consumers Unmasked

Consumers Unmasked

By Mark Alvarez · 29 April 2020 · 2 minute read

In times of crisis, more than ever, consumers expect brands to listen and adapt to their emerging needs. But for brands to act correctly, they need to understand the new reality in which consumers are living, working and spending.

As experts in online consumer research, we’ve put our powerful community platform to use at this unprecedented time, to provide you with the voice of consumers today, so that you can make business-critical decisions tomorrow.

We invite you to engage with us as we discuss the new reality for consumers in COVID-19 times. From shopping and self-care, to everyday life and the environment, we’ve asked consumers from across the globe to share their feelings, behaviors and future intentions on a range of topics to provide an insight into the future consumer post-coronavirus.

Join us on May 7 (2PM SG/HK Time) for our ‘Consumers Unmasked’ free virtual event, featuring insights from our proprietary COVID-19 consumer community!