Innovation Envy

Innovation Envy

By Mark Alvarez · 11 June 2020 · 2 minute read

Innovation is high on the agenda of many established organizations, yet many struggle with the speed and quality of innovation and are challenged by successful disruptors and start-ups. This leads to what we could label as ‘innovation envy’, where larger organizations envy the innovation fast tracks of disruptive newcomers.

What drives these successful entrepreneurs?What are the common denominators to their success and what can we learn from them?

The analysis of a multitude of successful start-up innovations allowed us to identify three key characteristics amongst successful newcomers: friction, passion and pilot.

Join our webinar at 14:00 (HK/SG Time) on Thursday 30th July to find out how established innovators can - in a simple way - embed the successful disruptors’ DNA in the innovation research process, thus creating a new culture for innovation. Through a set of practical guidelines and interesting case studies, we will debunk the myth that established organizations lack the speed and agility for effective innovation.



Mark Alvarez, Managing Director Philippines, ABN Impact I InSites Consulting

Scott Lee, Senior Client Partner, ABN Impact I InSites Consulting

Maz Amirahmadi, CEO, ABN Impact I InSites Consulting

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