What Makes a "Researcher of the Future"?

What Makes a "Researcher of the Future"?

By Scott Lee · 23 April 2019 · 2 minute read

How researchers are developing new skills and ways of working to grow their business impact

Interested in market research but don't know where to start or what skills to develop? Want to understand how shifts in Asia are changing what companies expect from researchers and insight teams?

Join us to explore the journeys of industry veterans, classic market researchers and storytellers to discover how design thinking, agile insights and storytelling are being used at leading brands such as Asia Miles, and how you too can use the latest tools and workflows to become a "Researcher of the Future".

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Location: WeWork Wan Chai, Mass Mutual Tower, 33 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

  • Introduction 
    by Scott Lee, Managing Director at ABN Impact HK
  • What does the "Researcher of the Future" look like?
    by Peter Harris, Managing Director, Global Research and Partner Solutions at Vision Critical
  • Human or Robot Researcher? How to Leverage the Latest Insight Technology.
    by Mike Stevens, Founder/Editor at Insight Platforms
  • Insights to Impact via Customer Experience and Design Thinking
    by May May Wong, Customer Experience Strategist at Asia Miles
  • Making "Agile" Happen. Moving from Projects to Liquid Insights Through Insight Communities.
    by Wendy Lam, Senior Insight Manager at ABN Impact
  • Putting Storytelling and Visual Communication Ahead of Methodologies
    by Barney Yau, Designer and Storyteller at D Story Productions
  • Networking