ABN Impact Indonesia - Breakfast with Insight Leaders

ABN Impact Indonesia - Breakfast with Insight Leaders

By Alvin Rusly · 7 April 2017 · 2 minute read


A Friday morning in March started with a hefty serving of hash browns, sausages, cooked-your-way eggs and delicious breads for ABN Impact Indonesia and an exclusive group of insight generators, users, miners and appreciators. Amongst them, representatives from well-known local and global businesses such as AXA, Indosat, Interlux, Danamon Bank, Biznet and BTPN.



The agenda for the morning was exploration of the new age of customer-centric insights where we booked Mike Sherman, a fellow industry expert in the field of big customer data, to speak with a room full of top division heads in marketing, communications, R&D and digital transformation.


" Ted Levitt said no one buys a 1/4 inch drill, they are buying a 1/4 inch hole.  Today I want to talk about how insight communities give you the ability to deliver great holes, e.g. I’ll be talking about impact, not process ".

Mike Sherman



Armed with years of experience and equipped with knowledge in the emerging technologies used for market research, Mike Sherman, Customer Insight & Strategy Expert, spoke extensively about how applications of online and digital measurement become easily integrated with research methodologies. Comparing the movement towards digital with the industrial revolution, there is a growing list of applications where instant insights can benefit businesses of all verticals, particularly in the telecommunication industry where he was able to share many examples and experiences. 


" ...traditional research where the respondent can’t contact you because they don’t know who you are and in most cases, they wouldn’t care enough to do so ".


Insight communities can become the tool (the drill) that you use to reshape the way you deliver the voice of the customer, allowing senior management awareness and consideration.  Mike related how the CEO of his business told teams that lacked consumer insight into their product propositions to “go use Mike’s Thing.”  He didn’t know exactly what it was but he knew that it quickly provided valuable insights that he wanted and which he wanted the teams to use.


Kurt Thompson, Managing Director ABN Impact Indonesia, also concurred on many of these points, adding that market research is now becoming a more volatile industry where speed becomes the norm and key to innovating faster than the competitors. Being agile is no longer a competitive edge, but a requirement for survival in this new age of insights.


It was a great start to the end of the week and we hope everyone who attended came out inspired, or at least with a full stomach!