Be Daring for the New Year - Bali, 2017

Be Daring for the New Year - Bali, 2017

By Jason Ku · 27 January 2017 · 2 minute read

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing. Kicking off 2017, we had a company-wide conference in Bali with all our offices - to see all the new and old faces together once again - now spanning Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore!
While some company conferences may be all work and no play (or the other way around), our fantastic Bali Committee and organizers pulled together 3 days of training, workshops, and team building events. Shout out to the conference committee and trainers for doing a fabulous job!  We connected and came away from Bali buzzed...with ideas, plans and more.

Curious to hear about the some of the topics we discussed?

  • Community Supercharged
  • Challenger Sales
  • Storytelling
  • Client Relationships
  • Marketing Research Basics
  • Communities vs. Panels

What was the key theme? Be Daring! Dare to get closer to each other, to our community members and our clients. As our Chairman, Mr. Adrian Chedore, said... 

“…don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Let’s encourage a culture of trying new things and not penalize those who are doing things differently.”

For this upcoming year, our challenge is to get outside our comfort zone and shake things up a bit (but not too much!), enough to push boundaries and be more innovative with our approaches. Our customers and members’ lives are changing every day and we want to be involved in those changes and be able to help build stronger relationships between our members and clients. 

So here’s to 2017 and our year of being daring!