“Breakfast with Insight Leaders” in Seoul, Korea

“Breakfast with Insight Leaders” in Seoul, Korea

By Jane Chin · 23 August 2017 · 2 minute read

Let’s face it...Mondays, let alone Monday mornings, give the blues to most people, hungover from their sweet but too short weekend.  What better time to meet, to discuss about the innovative methodology in market research when everyone else is asleep?  Here, in Gangnam, the centre of Seoul, experts in marketing and research gathered for a “Breakfast with Insight Leaders” hosted by ABN Impact Korea.



Guests from many renowned companies such as Microsoft, Coway, LG, Outback Steakhouse, KT&G, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, Amway, and Astellas settled down for a warm welcome from KyungEun Chang, Managing Director of ABN Impact Korea. As Insight Communities are a fresh approach for market research in Korea, KE gave a short introduction on ICs - the solution to connect clients fast and effectively with their customers.


Cutting to the chase, breakfast was served as Mike Sherman, our dear friend and former client from Singtel began to share his successful story with the IC experience. In this competitive and all-the-time changing world, it’s critical to know your customers with agility. He described how it feels like the client's having their customer’s voice right next to them with ICs - they even had an empty chair in their meeting rooms next, symbolizing the consumers.

All because with over 150 research tasks conducted in their Insight Community within a year, SingTel had the voice of the consumers in helping make their business decisions. ICs are quick, easy, and if any query needed to be made about a research result, they could just go back to the same consumers with their questions on the same evening to get their answers by the next morning.

In the Q&A session, clients actively asked about the member's relationship to the brand, ABN’s co-creative workshops, and the difference between traditional methodology and Insight Communities.

The manager of our freshly contracted Coway Insight Community enthusiastically commented afterwards, “We’re very excited to have Insight Communities, I’ve looked up more about Singtel’s case and hope we can be as successful as them!”

A big thanks to all the guests who joined us for our event!