"Customers Talk When Brands Listen" In Shanghai Highlights

"Customers Talk When Brands Listen" In Shanghai Highlights

By Yvonne Goh · 16 December 2016 · 2 minute read


More than 35 clients from brands like Ferrero, L'Oréal, Dyson, Jack Wolfskin, Midea, Starbucks, Dior, Cartier, Jaeger Lecoultre, Coty, BMW, Oriental Securities, TUV,  and Ab Inbev came to this beautiful venue at La Maison Restaurant last week to attend our “Customers Talk Brands Listen” event in Shanghai.

One of the attendees from Jack Wolfskin also walked away with our Lucky Draw Prize at the end of the event. Congratulations!

Below are some of the highlights from our speakers during the event:

Maz Amirahmadi, CEO, ABN Impact, shared with those present the different ways of traditional research in the early days and how technology has since caused disruption in the research industry. Many companies are looking at agility and speed when it comes to data analysis.

Ying Xin, Director of Customer Success, Asia, Vision Critical, shared how brands these days should embrace the potential in building authentic relationships with their customers. Brands have the opportunity to re-enforce the authenticity of the brand represented by the way they engage and interact with their customers. They are also able to use their insight community to validate and celebrate with their customers, and show a genuine interest in their opinions and ideas to have the chance to elevate customer intelligence, influence strategy and drive their businesses forward.


Stephane Courqueux, Managing Director, ABN Impact China spoke about the specificities of Chinese companies, overwhelmed with loads of information, and often missing the “why’s” of customer behavior. With an agile and great technological platform like Vision Critical, and expert community management, brands can succeed in engaging their customers to get high response rates, members stickiness to the communities, and ultimately powerful insights which help brands respond swiftly to the business challenges.

Testimonials from Shangri-La Hotel & Resorts and Ferrero finally demonstrated how these companies have successfully integrated their online insight communities with their strategic and tactical decision processes.

Ultimately, the ROI is clearly reflected in terms of the speed in decision-making, increase in revenues, cost savings, and positioning the CMI at the center of their organization to get the best next steps.

Thanks to all our guests and speakers for a very engaging evening!