Generation Z and Alphas – 5 Big Insights

Generation Z and Alphas – 5 Big Insights

By Mark Alvarez · 24 July 2019 · 4 minute read

In case you missed the event itself, here are the 5 big insights we took from a gathering of clients who debated the Generations of the Future – Zentennials and Alphas.

#1 - Kids are in control

Coming from our research, we see how kids are shaping consumer demand as they become ever more influential in the purchase decision at home, whether it be on simple gadget or appliance purchase, or even stretched to big ticket items like travel destination and automotive.

This shift of purchase influence (from parents to kids) represents an opportunity for brands to rethink how they position their products and services to capture the hearts and minds of parents and children alike… and, needless to say, digital is now the kid’s new playground!

#2 - They are the brand, not us

Kids use the digital space to create and promote themselves by leveraging on channels/tools that can boost their “personal brand”. They choose to post ‘content’ about themselves, in different formats, to specific target audiences on specific channels. So, the question brands need to ask themselves is “what are we doing to help promote the brand of our customers?” and “How can we help our customers become a better version of themselves?” So it’s less about building our own brands, and more about helping them build theirs.

#3 - They are fans of digitalized learning

Parents worry about how much time their kids spend online. But, then again, parents are supposed to worry. Well it turns out that they needn’t worry so much because kids are naturally drawn to educational content online. In fact, they see the digital universe as an extension of their continuing education. The good news is that there are a lot of learning platforms available online, and they help empower Zentennials and Alphas to fast track learning. Rianna Puno, Head of Public Affairs at shared how these new generations make better informed choices about their education, career, and life through their one-stop digital solution.

#4 - They are more empowered than ever before

If you remember, our parents always told us “You should study hard to get a good job in this ‘prestigious company’ and build a career there…” – well that’s all changed. One of the most inspiring stories we heard at the event was from Ian Estrada, COO of JG Digital Equity Ventures, who told us how young professionals are disrupting how we do work today. Startups such as Grab, AirBnB,, and Mynt are getting the cream of the crop because that’s where the most ambitious youth would like to work. These startups are no longer relying on “Years of Experience” and are focusing instead on “Quality of Experience”. Get ready to see more and more c-suite executives in their 20s.

#5 – Get close to customers

Speaking of young c-suiters, Chris Manguera, CMO of Mynt (GCash, a leading digital wallet app in the Philippines), shared an interesting story on how they continuously get close to customers. During one of their customer journey interviews, they were exploring “pain-points” of downloading the GCash app. Although downloading GCash is free, it turns out that for their potential customers, the “cost” of downloading the app is “having to delete 8-10 selfies”! Now that’s a lot for us Filipino selfie enthusiasts! That’s because their phones are so tight on MB storage space.

That was a big revelation, which led to Mynt partnering with Facebook Messenger to deliver services without the need to use up any additional storage space. Great innovation that helped super-boost an already impressive product.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in this event.  See you again in November!

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