How Nestlé cut turnaround times by half using their Insight Community "Nestlé Conversations"

How Nestlé cut turnaround times by half using their Insight Community "Nestlé Conversations"

By Yvonne Goh · 23 June 2017 · 3 minute read

Why are more companies relying less on traditional Market Research and turning to more innovative methods afforded by improving technology?  Our client, Nestlé, was featured in a recent Marketing Interactive article, where Tin-tin Siapno, Head of Marketing Communications, was interviewed about how its online insight community - Nestlé Conversations - helped to bring about the gathering of speedier and more accurate insights.

Speed And Agility Of An Insight Community

Ms. Siapno explains - "Speed and the ability to customise were the two main reasons that drove Nestlé to create its online research panel "Nestlé Conversations” four years ago." In a traditional research world, it usually take companies a month for full research to be done and now at Nestle, it takes them only a maximum 2 weeks to go from brief to results. She also added that this was specifically for complicated research, and that data from a simple survey could be obtained within three to four days. According to her, this is especially useful for brand managers who require immediate feedback. 

Customers Talk Brands Listen

Customers these days expect authenticity from brands and here at ABN Impact, we enable brands to reach out to their customers to understand their concerns and needs. An Insight Community like "Nestlé Conversations" does not just receive feedback from their customers through online forums and surveys, they also share the survey results with their community members through newsletters and contact, and in Ms. Siapno's words, " It makes them excited to participate in surveys even though there is no incentive to do so."   Customers feel involved and important in the decision-making and excited to see the results of their input, and part of this process is the inclusion of updates to keep them serially informed. 

You Don't Need A Huge Team For Insight Community

"Nestlé Conversations" has helped the company to conduct research from concept tests to pre-post ad testing, brand health tracking and others. One question which frequently arises during our conversations with potential clients is, " Do we need a huge team to run an Insight Community? " In the article, Ms. Siapno has helped to answer this - " One might think that a huge team is required to manage the online research panel, but in actual fact, it is only a one-man team. We have one man on the team and he doesn’t even do OT,” she jokes. 

According to Ms. Siapno, data for the panel was obtained from existing customers through promotions and Nestlé’s CRM. Nestlé also had the option of customising their search options to track the consumers relevant to their brand, such as gender, work status, personal monthly income and household monthly income. "Nestlé Conversations" is now also used as an adjunct for offline research such as home visits and focus group discussions.  

Nestlé's fine-tuned holistic approach with its online community has succeeded in drastically cutting down turnaround time and providing much improved research data to enable better results.

Source: Excerpts from Marketing Interactive