It's a Relationship not a One Night Stand!

It's a Relationship not a One Night Stand!

By Scott Lee · 9 September 2016 · 2 minute read

Traditional market research is like a one-night stand.

You hang out on corners bumping into people or cold call numbers to get a date. Or if that doesn’t work you can pay to reach professional respondents online through an access panel. It’s likely the interview or survey won’t feel that special, and you may never hear from that company ever again. Most customers have also grown tired of impersonal spam surveys, that are overly long, generic or repetitive.   

Insight communities are in contrast a relationship. 

A great insight community is where your customers love to share feedback, advice and ideas. This provides brands with agile insights for decision making. Over time the brand can share back how customer input is creating better products, services and marketing, so they become more committed to you. The promise to customers is that their voices are important to the brand and this community is an opportunity to shape the future together.

“Community management” is the practice of making this relationship work, ensuring members remain engaged and are having a positive experience.

Recently ABN Impact and Vision Critical conducted a regional training to share community management and member engagement best practice process from hundreds of insight communities globally. It was testament to how much market research has changed and continues to change.


The key takeaways were:

  • Appliance of science – using community metrics, status reports, and driver analysis to monitor community health and determine what really drives member engagement
  • Manage the whole experience - Combine research activities with engagement tips and topics – they are intertwined as one-member experience – make surveys fun.
  • Close the share back loop – helps clients share back to members highlights of findings, decisions they are making, or provide recognition for members’ ideas
  • Surprise and delight over time – many creative examples of dialing up engagement, like client subject experts in as forum moderators, or meeting members at a client marketing summit.


Thank you everyone at ABN Impact and Vision Critical for their time and effort to make this happen and coming along to attend. Good relationships take time and care – let’s make sure members love being on communities!