It's All About People, People, People

It's All About People, People, People

By Scott Lee · 3 August 2016 · 2 minute read

We just wrapped up an exciting week in Hong Kong visiting clients with our partner Vision Critical, sharing the latest trend in insight communities – coworker or colleague communities

As Sir Richard Branson said, “Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in; it’s employees are its biggest competitive advantage”. (Check out this post on engaging employees from Virgin) 

Just like customers, many employees want to shape and share in the success of the brands they invest so much time with. Businesses for their part have a number of challenges that can benefit from greater employee engagement, including the need to:

  • Extract, nurture, and incubate the brilliant ideas lurking in minds of employees
  • Innovate on commercially sensitive projects not fit for the public eye
  • Replicate voice of customer research with staff to understand disconnects and misconceptions
  • Test unfinished ideas and iterate quickly to refine new ideas
  • Bring the knowledge and insights of frontline staff into the organisation
  • Road test new products to remove bugs before launch

Leading brands use insight communities to enable innovation in a structured way from a broad section of employees. At the Vision Critical APAC Customer Intelligence Summit last week, we saw a great case study from Telstra. They have 2,000 colleagues from Marketing, Technical support, Customer enquiries, Telesales helping to develop and test products in their Telstra Catalyst community.

Another client, Fonterra worked with their retail partner, McDonalds, to bring diverse perspectives together on how to take McDonalds from a food destination, to a desserts and beverages destination. End consumers, Fonterra Employees, and McDonalds staff all participated to generate, refine and screen ideas.

So people matter! Employees want a voice.  From top to bottom, each colleague brings a unique set of experiences & organizational wisdom that is yearning to be tapped.  Organizations must give employees an opportunity to share what they know. (How employee engagement helps drive customer experience, Vision Critial)

Hats off to our partner, Vision Critical for helping us soon launch our very own colleague community called ‘ABN Close to you’.