Masters of Insights, Researchers of the Future

Masters of Insights, Researchers of the Future

By Scott Lee · 24 May 2019 · 6 minute read

21st May 2019, Hong Kong

Phew…not just one, but two events in one day! 

Over 120 Professionals gathered at our breakfast event "How to Master Customer Insights for Growth in Asiain Causeway Bay to hear how leading brands such as Cathay Pacific, L'Oréal and HSBC are transforming the way they interact with their customers.  

In the evening, industry experts, ABN Impact consultants and Asia Miles were at our ABNI office in Wan Chai to share how design thinking, agile insights and storytelling are making the new "Researcher of the Future".

For a taste of the action as the day unfolded… watch our video!

So, what is the secret of mastering insights?

We heard from the experts..

  • Ray Poynter, Managing Director of the Future Place UK, predicted a need to master both technology and human expertise: The 3As - Agile, Automation and AI (especially Chatbots and Video) plus a “Campaign for Real Qualitative”.     
  • Mike Stevens, Founder/Editor at Insight Platforms, revealed the astonishing breadth of new technology platforms which are now populating the insights space:
  • Marcus Lui: Executive Director at DTIA - Design Thinking in Action & Maz Amirahmadi, CEO ABN Impact, shared how Design Thinking is liquifying the insight process to help organizations, including ABN Impact, improve the way stakeholders learn from customers.

And from clients..

  • Walter Li: Head of Insights at Cathay Pacific, showed how they are rebooting their long running insight community, to collaborate with customers to improve their experience across the journey. With a new brand vision, Move Beyond, the message was clear - be bold, be agile. 
  • Andy Kung: Customer Strategy and Insights, HSBC Hong Kong signaled that with the arrival of 8 new virtual banks in Hong Kong, he was getting much closer to customers. He shared a recent example from his insight community - longitudinally tracking credit card share of wallet.
  • Vicki Shum: CMI Director at L’Oréal Hong Kong talked about the importance of continually engaging both customers and stakeholders in the insight process to deliver on Consumer Centricity Strategy across 26 brands.  

And what does the "Researcher of the Future" look like?

Peter Harris, Managing Director, Global Research and Partner Solutions at Vision Critical, felt young researchers should be excited to be part of the profession right now.  Automation of reporting and software is taking away a lot of the tedious tasks many of us had to master, so there is more scope for good thinking, strong analysis and excellent story telling. 

  • May May Wong, Customer Experience Manager at Asia Miles shared her experience of growing from agency qualitative moderator to embrace Customer Experience and Design Thinking at Asia Miles.
  • Wendy Lam, Senior Insight Manager at ABN Impact similarly showed how she had diversified her skills from traditional quantitative research projects to embrace continuous multi modal insights and deeper client partnership from her work on the L’Oréal, Beauty for All Community.
  • Barney Yau, Designer and Storyteller at D Story Productions, told his personal story of coming to Hong Kong, unfortunately being jilted by his girlfriend but fortuitously stumbling into the research industry by putting storytelling and visual communication ahead of methodologies.

Big thanks to everyone who took part in this event.

See you again in the Autumn!