Member Appreciation Event - Cooking with Midea!

Member Appreciation Event - Cooking with Midea!

By Alvin Rusly · 15 March 2017 · 2 minute read

One of the fundamentals of an insight community is to build relationships with members. And what better way to build relationships than getting together and eating lots and lots of yummy food. So, on a drizzling Sunday morning we invited our most active participants in the Midea community to attend our member appreciation day at a trendy cooking studio in Jakarta.


The Midea Community is comprised of leading edge consumers whom we collaborate with to develop ideas for home appliances. We engage the community with interactive activities such as documentary filming & creative thinking exercises. These have been used to develop advertising watched by millions of Indonesians.



We held the cooking event as a "thank you" for their outstanding contributions. What’s more, we're super glad to have been joined by two Midea representatives, Dennis Jiang (Product Marketing) and Krista Xiao (Consumer Insights).


“It was a great honor to spend the day with the community members. Through all the interactions in the constructive Q&A session, the fun cooking competition and the inspiring co-creation workshop, I got to understand Indonesians; their passion, curiosity and commitment. The event was full of engagement and inspiration”.

Krista Xiao, Consumer Insights, Midea


We asked members for their feedback and insights about how the community has been for them and how we can do better in ensuring retention and ongoing participation. We also took the opportunity to facilitate a concept creation session (after all, we had our most loyal and active members in the same room!). We created some amazing concepts which the Midea Product Development team will take on for further development.



Member appreciation and feedback is one of the keystones in building and maintaining a successful insight community. It’s also a sign of a customer-centric philosophy that Midea embraces wholeheartedly.




Check out the day’s highlights in the video below!