Storytelling and design improves insight communication

Storytelling and design improves insight communication

By Scott Lee · 28 August 2017 · 2 minute read

ABN Impact HK with Barney Yau from Notes Design.


You probably know that …over the last 10 years it’s become clear that it is no longer enough to pass on consumer data or to do insightful research.  We must communicate findings in a way that sticks.

Most would agree, a clear story combined with solid, reliable evidence can help get your message to stick, creating empathy that inspires action.

But what you may not have a clear sense of is how to take traditional research presentations and structure them as more of a story.  

That’s because often we are guilty of confusing “decoration” with storytelling, spending lots of extra time creating a pretty infographic. But what infographics all too often mean is actually more distraction, with no improvement in communication.

So, when we started working together with Barney Yau at Notes Design…

First of all, he said “Too often in research reports you are placing the burden on the reader to find the insights.”

He then worked with us and our clients to start using clearer hierarchy, more focused use of colour, meaningful pictures and simple white space.

When we asked him, how can we create persona booklets or client newsletters....?

Barney showed us how to apply the simple structures used in documentaries, and easy to create visual cards like those seen on Instagram stories.  

So now, when our clients ask us to tell a story, no matter it is in a report, a booklet or a video we have a simple system that makes it easy and fun for any of us to make our points stick!