Taking a Journey into Customer Centricity

Taking a Journey into Customer Centricity

By Michael Ellis · 8 April 2019 · 1 minute read

A Journey Into Customer Centricity in Bangkok

A fantastic event with over 75 clients from well-known international and Thai companies across various sectors such as Finance, Insurance, Automotive, and Consumer goods, came to hear about how we may better listen to our customers and so make more impactful business decisions.

Maz Amirahmadi (CEO) ABN Impact, shared his personal career experience comparing the traditional way of gathering insights as a one night stand with our customers, while the new way of online Insight Communities is the same as having an ongoing, deep relationship.

Dr Carmen Lam (CCO) from Ananda Development revealed how Ananda has moved from a product focused strategy to one of customer focus, with their insight community playing a key role.

Dr Sutee Mokkavesa (Senior Executive Vice President) from Muang Thai Life Assurance reminded us that in this digital era, our customers now benchmark our products and services beyond our own industries. Therefore, we really need to put consumers at the heart of our business decisions, going further and beyond our usual business landscape.

We ended the event with a high note of a panel discussion around how important employees are to successfully driving this customer centricity.

The snapshot video of the event can be viewed here