The ‘C’ Story Event

The ‘C’ Story Event

By Scott Lee · 2 June 2017 · 3 minute read


A big thank you to all our clients and partners who attended the “C” Story Breakfast Event. The world has changed, consumers are more connected and empowered than ever before. We are all ‘Generation C’ today.

Forrester recently reported insights-driven businesses will earn about $400 Billion in 2016; by 2020 they will make over $1.2 Trillion a year, an annual growth of 27%-40%.

How do you become one of the winners, not the losers in this story of customer connectivity?

At the event we shared five connectivity topics. Here is a round up..


Insights and Engagement for Free or Better


Years ago, we were trained in market research that you should never tell a “respondent” who a survey was for, for ‘scientific neutrality’. Today ongoing online Insight Communities help brands stay in touch with thousands of customers every week.

The more brands chat with customers, the greater their connection to those brands. Engagement drives insights, and vice versa – each can start to pay for the other.


Collective Human Potential

Henry T. Ford famously said that if he’d asked people what they wanted they’d say “Faster Horses”. Steve Jobs was reportedly cynical about involving consumers in ideation.

Yet, there’s a growing trend towards engaging customers in the innovation process. We help clients partner with community members to get creative, also making them brand advocates.


Lead Characters in their Own Stories

Commentators talk about “consumers” being more connected and empowered in their choices today than ever before.  Millennials who have grown up in a digital age, even more so… Yet many brands also say they struggle to truly connect with young people. Why is this?

Insight Communities are great because you have the opportunity to learn about members as people with their own stories, not just as “customers”, or “consumers”.


1+1 = 3.0 Insights, or ‘Relationship Memory’


Ever more companies are harnessing the power of big data. Many, however, are realizing that big data alone is an inadequate source of customer intelligence.

Our clients increasingly using Insight Communities as ‘engagement engines’ to drive the integration of insights across different forms of customer data and intelligence


Chatbots and the Conversations of the Future


In 2015, the use of messaging apps overtook social media use. In 2016 Facebook announced businesses could deliver automated support, content and interactive experiences via Messenger chatbots, in the way they talk to friends.

Some brands are already embracing the change, offering products and services through FB Messenger (and Snapchat, Instagram). At Vision Critical we’re working on introducing the same on communities this year.

Increasingly the conversations we will have with customers will have to be in their world. Consumers don’t live in surveys or focus group rooms, we need to get ready to chat in Messenger, WeChat or What’s App for example.


We hope everyone enjoyed the event. Time is always limited on these occasions, yet we hope it connects us for ongoing conversations to face the future together.

Scott Lee

Managing Director

ABN Impact Hong Kong