We joined forces with InSites Consulting

We joined forces with InSites Consulting

By Maz Amirahmadi · 10 December 2019 · 2 minute read

Over the past year, we’ve been listening to our clients across Asia and some common themes come up:

  • The C-suite are looking for customer insights to play a greater role in forming strategy…
  • … resulting in greater demand for Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Innovation, Co-Creation & UX 
  • At the same time, there’s a need for faster, more efficient, scalable and agile insights
  • And importantly, the insights need to travel smoothly to stakeholders across the business


We’ve joined forces with InSites Consulting, an award-winning, insight community focused agency with global reach, recognised as one of the most innovative agencies in the research industry.

It’s not just about scale though. It’s about bringing our clients the very best of next generation insights:

  • Consumer Consulting Square, a community platform for versatile insights
  • Eÿeka network, a skilled creative global community
  • Award Winning Insight Activation Studio to collaborate with stakeholders
  • Case studies from working with a third of the world’s Best Global Brands 
  • Moderator Network of 130 certified researchers to enable qualitative research at scale.
  • Award-winning industry experts at your disposal



This is truly fantastic news for everyone involved. 

Best wishes for 2020.

Maz Amirahmadi
ABN Impact | InSites Consulting