What happens when 20 creative individuals get in the same room? The Creative Crew!

What happens when 20 creative individuals get in the same room? The Creative Crew!

By Alvin Rusly · 27 April 2017 · 2 minute read

The world is relentlessly advancing into the digital era, where surveys can be done through a mobile screen in minutes and deployed across continents…but there’s nothing quite like face-to-face co-creation workshops to get the creative juices flowing.



As part of a new community initiative we brought together individuals from one of our long-running online insight communities in Indonesia to become part of a supergroup - eligible for exclusive invitations to offline events and become a powerful force in generating insights for the brand. 


Earlier this month, we held our Co-creation Training Day for our Creative Crew where both invited community members and the clients enjoyed a full-day’s training experience to stimulate creative minds and gather insights.


Maz Amirahmadi, CEO of ABN Impact, was the lead trainer for the day with co-host local Bahasa moderator Hafitri “Happy” Wahyu Anggraini.  Members learned through a special step-by-step process of co-creation and working together how to re-articulate product concepts. 



Jodie Wang, Head of Consumer & Market Insights, and Leonardo Barcellos, Regional Manager Sales & Marketing Operations were both present as well to witness the energy-filled event where real concepts and questions were put forth later in the day. Along with the newly-trained practitioners on the art of concept creation, more than 20 unique ideas were generated the same day which will help guide the direction that Midea will take on product development and marketing strategies.



When we probe our survey-takers and Insight Community members in general, most say their incentive in taking part is to have their voices heard and to be part of the process.  By listening to the customer, we gain valuable and actionable insights for the brand.  


Many thanks to the Midea Creative Crew!