With an insight community in place, you can engage thousands of your customers or deep dive with a select group through a range of digital tools and offline events:

  • Member Portal for Engagement
  • Blogs and Forums to build Personas
  • Mobile Diaries for Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital and Workshop Co-creation for Innovation
  • UX Tools for Usability Testing
  • Visual Surveys for Idea Testing
  • Member Events for Stakeholder Interaction

Creating Personas allows you and your stakeholders to build empathy with customers. Through a detailed process of engagement, we help bring customers to life throughout the organisation enabling truly customer centric initiatives. Building Personas...

  • Helps you understand what matters to customers
  • Enables role playing and putting yourself in customers' shoes
  • Encourages storytelling about different customer needs

Understanding your customers' journey whilst they experience your products and services (and your competitors!) enables you to focus investments where they matter to achieve optimal ROI. Customer Journeys...

  • Give you a clear picture of what the customer wants to achieve and their expectations
  • Allow you to target resources efficiently by identifying critical pain-points and opportunity areas
  • Will ultimately lead to improved customer experience, greater customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates and lower churn

Engaging a broad group of stakeholders in the creative process helps to generate ideas with business impact. Stakeholders can include customers, experts, KOLs, internal departments, trade partners and creative thinkers. Applied through workshops or online, Co-Creation...

  • Provides more inspiration for new ideas
  • Ensures the viewpoints of key people are covered, e.g. customers
  • Prevents siloed thinking, i.e. innovating towards what we can do, rather than what is needed
  • Can help to get buy in for new ideas from internal and external stakeholders, e.g. other departments

When designing a new interface, it’s not enough to make sure it's usable, it also has to be useful and desirable. Engaging customers in developing your UX products helps ensure the entire experience is a positive one.

  • Step back and make sure the UX product you are creating serves a purpose for the customer
  • Create levers to make the product enticing, helping keep the customer engaged
  • Make the experience as simple and intuitive as possible